We Love Israel Fund

  • At 6:30 AM on October 7, Israel was invaded by Hamas terrorists from Gaza via land, sea, and air – as Hamas also launched thousands of rockets at civilian population centers in southern and central Israel. In just two days, over 900 Israelis have been murdered, 2600 have sustained injuries, many in critical condition, over 150 Israelis have been kidnapped, and over 4,400 rockets have been launched into Israeli communities.

    As a community, it is our duty to speak out. This genocidal terrorist attack against the Jewish people in its homeland is barbaric, unjust, vicious, and antisemitic. The discussion about Israel has transcended the political sphere and entered the moral realm. All people of good faith must acknowledge that Hamas is a terrorist organization that must be thoroughly defeated.

    We, the Jewish Community, representing all denominations of Judaism in the area, stand firmly and resolutely with the State of Israel and affirm Israel’s right to defend its citizens by eliminating the Hamas regime in Gaza that promotes violence and prevents peace, thereby harming Israelis and Palestinians alike.

    Many of us have friends and family members living in Israel and loved ones serving in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). In the midst of our heartbreak, our tears, and the unfathomable collective anguish, it is our duty to SUPPORT THE STATE OF ISRAEL.  

    With the conclusion of the book of Deuteronomy on Simchat Torah holiday, we declared, "Hazzak Hazzak VeNithazek" – "Be strong, be strong, and may we be strengthened."

    May Israel be strong and resolute in the action it takes. 

    Stay strong, and stay engaged. Am Yisrael Chai!

    The Nation of Israel lives!

    We love Israel campaign Advisory Board,
    Rabbi Chaim S. Rivkin, Mr. Tamir Ohayon, Mr. Doron Katz, Mr. Sean Cook, Mr. Barak Schriger

    What are our Goals

    We at Chabad of Kirkland, stand in total and complete solidarity with israel. We are responding collectively with other Jewish and Israeli organizations to support the victims of terror in Israel, from families to frontline workers and the troops. Our goals are to:

    1. Reach out to people in position of influence, corporate and public community leaders, to solicit statements of public support in condemnation of the terror attacks we are witnessing; 

    2. Reach out to local media channels and provide clear explanations of the situation on the ground, why it is vital for the world to show support for Israel, and continue to fight terror for the sake of innocent civilians on both the Israeli and Palestinian sides.

    3. Since many of you are wondering which are the most needed causes to support, we would like to help you support the right causes and we establish a fund run by an advisory committee to diversify solicited donations across the various Jewish and Israeli causes, in a safe and trustworthy manner. 

    We Ask of you to:

    1. Email us with any contact referrals for persons in positions of influence that you think we should reach out to get a statement of support, by contacting the Chabad Secretary at:  [email protected]

    2. Show support in help of our brothers and sisters in the land of Israel by contributing to our fund, and sharing the link with your friends.

    3. We defeat darkness by increasing more light. Kindly consider adding a Mitzvah, Prayer or any other act of kindness in honor of the people of Israel at this time. 

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