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Holiday Date
April 5 - 13, 2023

Yizkor Service

  • Yizkor Memorial Service 
    Last day of Pesach, Sunday, April 23rd, 2022

    Can't make it? There is still an option to recite Yizkor at home! Since your beloved one have passed away, you have never missed a Yizkor service at Shul, but this year it may be difficult for you, can you still do the Yizkor? 

    Under normal circumstances, Yizkor should be recited during synagogue services in the presence of fellow Jews, each recalling his or her loved ones.
    While synagogue attendance is an important element of Yizkor, it is not a requirement when it is not possible. This year, if you're unable to attend service in person, You'll recite Yizkor privately at home, secure in the knowledge that that is what G‑d wants from us right now, taking comfort in knowing that our loved ones would surely want us to stay safe.

    (Note that this is not the case for  Kaddish, which may not be recited privately.)

    This may be obvious, but it is worth mentioning: The Yizkor prayer asks that G‑d bring benefit to the souls of our loved ones in the merit of charity we pledge. Even though you will pledge at home this year, our communal organizations can use donations now, more than ever. You may give that Tzedakah (after the holiday, of course).

    How to observe Yizkor:

    1. Light a Memorial candle on Friday evening before Shabbat begins. 

    2. Pledge to charity in memory of loved ones.

    3. Recite the Yizkor (page 338 in your prayer book).  
    (if you don't have a Siddur, Please print out the text BEFORE Yom Tov)

    If you can't make it to services by person, we can pray and mention your beloved ones at the Yizkor service, Please fill out the form bellow.

    The names you submit will be included in the sanctuary during the Yizkor Service.

    Please submit your Yizkor form by April 20th, 8PM 

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